Home is the best place you want to be. How about arriving at a welcoming and attractive door hallway?

This can elevate your mood and uplift your spirit. In most homes, the door hallway is just a piece of empty and abandoned space. You can make it a better place where every visitor wants to make it a stopover. Let’s find out some of the decoration ideas we can use to enhance the door hallway looks.

1. Position some nice furniture

Although it may be a narrow space, some small pieces of furniture won’t do harm. A narrow shelf can be an awesome place to put some flowers and candles. You can also repurpose an old dresser and make it the hallway furniture. Think about placing a fruit bowl on top of the dresser. This way, you will be able to bite into an apple even before you get to your kitchen. On the shelves, put a few books and magazines. Having a sitting place along the hallway can be a good idea. A small nice couch will let you grab a drink right at your hallway.

2. Design some paintings

Nice portraits can make the hallway a place you want to stop over. You can include your favorite pictures on the walls to make it attractive. You can put paintings with colors matching those of the wall. Add your favorite family photos fixed into nice frames. Simply convert your hallway into a gallery. This will make your hallway an amazing place.

3. Have a doormat at the door

You can find different designs of doormats. Your preference entirely depends on you. However, consider choosing a color that blends well with the floor color, wall paint, and even the furniture along your door hallway. Normally a large grey doormat fits in with many home decors because of its neutral color.

Choose one that doesn’t cause people to slide and fall. You can install a floor mat long enough to cover the whole door hallway.

4. Use patterns instead of plain paint

Imagine arriving home to beautifully designed butterflies on your hallway! This can be an incredible decor. Anyway, it doesn’t have to be butterflies. Maybe you have a phobia towards them. Simply choose your favorite pattern and have the decorators design. It could be rose flowers, patterns, dots, or any other design. All that matters is a beautiful hallway.

5. Simplicity is paramount

Do not try to complicate things when it comes to decoration. Moreover, do not overdo the decor. Too much color will make it look like a kindergarten hallway. You don’t want that. Choose a few colors that portray a warm atmosphere and a few paintings on the wall. Keep the whole thing simple and lovely. Make it inconspicuous but noticeable.

A well-decorated door hallway gives you one more reason to come home early. Even with a bad mood after a long day of work, this place can make you smile. Simply get into your house, grab a magazine from the shelf, take an apple from the bowl, and sit on the couch comfortably. This is the kind of welcome everyone wants.