When acquiring a tablecloth, aesthetics comes in handy, especially when you wish to have a custom touch to one’s place, or have one made for friend or client.

In certain occasions, a tablecloth functions to make a simple table blend in with the surrounding. Round wipe clean tablecloths are the most challenging to design compared to quadrilateral shapes. Faced with an urge of making a round tablecloth, here are a number of steps that will guide you on how to make round tablecloth size.

What you need

It goes without saying that one would need a fabric. The fabric varies from one individual to another depending on one’s taste, quality, price, decor, or even the color on the fabric among other attributes. You’ll also need measurement equipment which will assist in getting the right dimensions of the tablecloth size of the fabric which lowers wastage of the fabric being used. This is achieved by the use of a tape measure.

Measure the diameter of the table top

Round tables come in a variety of sizes. The first thing one needs to do is to measure the diameter of the table.

In this we need measuring equipment in which the tape measure comes in handy. The diameter of a round table is the longest length across the top of the table from edge to edge. It passes along the center of the table.

Once this is taken, it ought to be noted down as it is will be used later to calculating how much fabric one would need.

Calculate how much overhang you need

After measuring the diameter, you then proceed to measure the overhang of the table. This is the perpendicular length from the round edge of the table to the preferred length of your tablecloth. In calculating this, an inch or so might be added if one so wishes to add a hem to one’s tablecloth.

Calculate the round table cloth size

Once the two values have been attained, that is, the diameter of the table and one’s preferred overhang, a calculation of the round tablecloth size can be attained.

This is done by adding the length of the diameter of the table to twice the length of the overhang.

Say that the diameter of the table is 54” and the overhang required is 34”. The round table cloth size will be 54” and added to twice the length of the overhang which is 68”. The total length of the tablecloth will thus be 124”.

With the measurement of the fabric required established, we can look at some of the preferred tablecloths available.

Different types of tablecloths you can buy

Depending on what suits your tastes or that of your client, one might opt for different material fabrics. There are multiple kinds of wipe clean fabrics that one might choose from. These include:

  • PVC fabric
  • Oilcloth
  • Vinyl
  • Acrylic fabric
  • Teflon fabric
  • Plastic tablecloth

Each fabric has a special feature that may make it fit for serving various purposes. Taking plastic tablecloths for instance, when used for meal tables, make it easier to wipe off food and drink stains.

Tablecloths offer an individual a variety of choices from which to pick on depending on whether it’s fashion, Eco-friendliness, or just the convenience you hope to achieve for your table.